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Quiz Results - Diabetes Australia
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Quiz Results

Follow the results below to see how well you are managing your diabetes. Give yourself one mark for every question you answered with a YES.

0 - 3 What the…!? You need to start taking your diabetes seriously. If you don’t you could face very serious life-threatening complications. Arrange to see your doctor or CDE to have a chat about  it, and read all the info on this website to get yourself better informed.
4 - 6 You‘re doing some things right, but you could probably make your life easier and with less diabetes-related hassles if you worked on the questions you answered NO to.
7 - 10 Looks like you’ve got your diabetes under control most of the time. Keep it up and you should  be able to live your life to its fullest. Just have a look at the questions you answered NO to and  see if they are really important areas that you are overlooking.
11 - 12 SUPERSTAR! You must have read up on diabetes and listened to your health professionals. You’ve really got it together!