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How Good Are You at Managing Your Diabetes?

Try the quick test below to see if you are doing all you can to manage your diabetes well. Print this page and write either YES or NO next to the question. Then check your answers against the Quiz Results.

Q1. Do you test your blood glucose levels regularly?
Q2. Do you use your medication exactly when and how you are supposed to?
Q3. Do you have something to eat after exercising?
Q4. Do you eat regularly during the day?
Q5. Do you have a diabetes team who helps you with your treatment?
Q6. Do you try and stay positive about your diabetes?
Q7. Have you joined a support group or talk to other people with type 1 diabetes?
Q8. Do you have regular health checks?
Q9. Do you wear ID saying that you have diabetes?
Q10. Do you always carry something with you to treat a hypo?
Q11. Do you have a notebook where you write your blood glucose results?
Q12. Are you registered with the National Diabetes Services Scheme?

HOW ARE YOU DOING? - Click here to see how are doing.