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Quiz Results - Diabetes Australia
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Quiz Results

Follow the results below to see how well you are managing your diabetes. Give yourself one mark for every question you answered with a YES.

0 - 3 What the…!? You need to start taking your gestational diabetes seriously. If you don’t there could be serious complications for your pregnancy. Arrange to see your doctor to have a chat about it, and read all the info on this website to get yourself better informed.
4 - 6 You‘re doing some things right, but you will be reducing your risks of complications for you and your baby, if you worked on the questions you answered NO to.
7 - 10 Looks like you’ve got your gestational diabetes under control most of the time. Keep it up and you should be able to reduce the risks to you and your baby. Just have a look at the questions you answered NO to and see if they are areas that you can improve on.
11 - 12 SUPERSTAR! You must have read up on gestational diabetes and listened to your health professionals.