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Sara's story - Diabetes Australia
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Living with type 2

Sara Blackwell

Sara's story

I was an 8 year old yougster when I got the life changing news I have diabetes. I'm now 20 years old and a second year nurse and grade 2 community service worker and to be honest still neglect my diabetes. To some point it just comes with life and earning a living, I just don't have time and I'm still learning to manage my diabetes and being a shift worker it's hard to maintain a routine.

I lost so much weight and become a depressed and sick child and kept falling asleep in class hahah!!!! That never changed though and my primary school teacher nearly reported my mother to doc's for child abuse which is funny when I look back on the whole event.

The day I got admitted to hospital really change my life. The hardest time were my teens when I got the attuitude that if I stop taking insulan I don't have diabetes. With many thanks to diabetes camps I learnt to live with it and not against it. My insulan pumps(pancrease is its name)my hero.

There is so much hanging on your shoulder with diabetes not to mention the ongoing cost and trust me it adds up and you feel it in the hip pocket.... If only I had a healthcare card the goverment seems to think it's not needed once you're over the age of 16, stupid I know. I used to love the days of school and the excuse to get out of P.E at school "oooo sir I got low blood sugar I can't play hockey!" ahhahaha!!! It was great in that aspect. Having diabetes build me into a strong person the person I am today. I do ask myself when will it all end but it's now my lifestyle. Thanks for listening regards Sara.