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Don't let diabetes put you down! - Diabetes Australia
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Don't let diabetes put you down!


I was told at the age of 4 that I had diabetes, I went for about 2 years being really sick wetting the bed getting real grumpy and was just getting worse by the day so my Mum took me into the doctor to see what was wrong (she had been going in lots before this but no one knew what it was) so the doctor said that I had diabetes and that they were going to have to keep me in hospital till I got better and Mum got more of an understanding of it.

I am now 15 nearly 16 my life has been great although my diabetes does bug me a lot and I mean a lot, but I've had my family and friends by my side, which to me means the world to me. I do get upset and moody about having diabetes but I sit back and say to myself "hey least your still on this earth and have family and friends that love you". And yet it could be worse I mean us diabetics have it easy compared to the poor people that have cancer. Yeah we have to live with it but what’s the chance that we are not going to make it??? Very little, we are going to make it but the people with cancer well they don't know till the doctor lets them know. They tell us when we are diagnosed that it is not as bad as someone that has cancer.

Don't let something that is a part of your life for the rest of your life put you down, we have to accept who we are. So far this diabetes could probably be one of the best things in my life :):):) stay happy and healthy!