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Tennika - Diabetes Australia
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hi my name is tennika and i have 2 people in my family with diabetes,thier names are: Rachel&Chris, Rachel has had diabtese for almost 10years, diagnosed when she was 7 at the southbank childrens hospital and Chris was also dignosed with diabetes when he was 7 and had 10 masssive heartatacks by the age of 19, now 24yrs old. When my sister got diagonased my mother (Toni) got really sick and found out that she had cancer. we were really worried that we were going to losse her. So all the family put thier effort in helping around the house. then when my mother got throught the operation with help from a friend we were so grcful that she came through it ok. thanks to all thought out thier that help with the support of my family and the support of helping out with thoughts suffreing diabetes with out your help we would not of been abel to coppe.