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Tegan - Diabetes Australia
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Hi my name is Tegan I’m 16 years old and I am a type one diabetic I was diagnosed only a few months ago. I live out in the country so before I went to the doctor I did my own research on why I was feeling thirsty and going to the toilet quiet frequently, every time I wrote in that ‘I feel really thirsty all the time’ Diabetes came up. I talked to my dad and he seemed to think it was normal until one night we went to the pub and he realised just how much I was drinking. That next afternoon my dad took me to the hospital which was 30kms away and we talked to the doctors. They took my BSL and were very shocked that I was still looking well and walking around after double checking my BSL it was 34. I didn’t even know what that meant but the doctors said it was double what is should be. After ringing up the Women’s and Children’s in Adelaide, I was flown over by the Royal Flying Doctor. After arriving in the hospital I had my first insulin injection at midnight they took tests every three hours to make sure my levels are stable. I was transferred to the adolescent ward and had my own room. The nurses were nice and talked me through each injection and exchanges at each meal. For the next four days I learnt about type one diabetes. I really don’t like diabetes and I am suffering from it badly, I wouldn’t want anyone to have it but I’d rather not have it myself. I know how it feels to feel like everything is just being put on you and everything has changed. Each day is hard and I am only just getting through it.