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Eleanor's story - Diabetes Australia
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Life with type 1 diabetes

Eleanor Lisk

Eleanor's story
I was told I had type 1 diabetes on December 27th 2006. I was 17 years of age and was losing a lot of weight, drinking so much water it wasn't funny, losing lots of hair and grumpy all the time. It was my hair dresser that said something is wrong you need to go to the doctor straight away. Lucky for me I wasn't so sick that I had to go to Hospital. I just went to the doctors and they told me I had it and then I was able to see a diabetes educator that same day so they could tell me all I needed to know about type 1 diabetes. It was hard at first but I have got used to it in the last few short years that I have had it. I am actively involved in JDRF, I am a Youth ambassodor and do many things like raising money for Jelly baby month, attending the walk to cure diabetes,attending kids in the house in July 2007 at parliament house in Adelaide, to let the politicans know how important it is to find a cure. I am looking at going on an insulin pump at the moment as I think it would be easier to control my diabetes even though I have fairly stable levels. I am attending SA Diabetes kids camp this year in November as a leader for the first time. I hope all my work for diabetes will pay off in the end and it will help bring us one step closer to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes.